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Fork Extensions (Choose Sizes Below)
Fork Extensions, All Sizes

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Example:  FE-4-90 (Nominclature)
FE =  Fork Extension
4   =  Accommodates 4" Fork Width
90 =  Actual Fork Extension Length in Inches
All Models Accomodates a Maximum Fork Thickness of 2-1/2"
Capacity rated 4,000 per Pair
OSHA Regulation:  Take your existing fork length and multiply by 1.5 for your maximum exceptable fork extension by OHSA
Provide the extra support needed to lift long or large objects with a fork truck. Welded steel construction with cast steel tips. Steel retaining strap (loop style*) prevents fork extensions from sliding off forks during use. Powder coat yellow finish. OSHA regulations require that extensions are no more than 150% of the existing fork length. (e.g. 48" existing forks, the fork extension should not exceed 72").

Item# Item Name Our Price Qty Add
FORK-R-54 Fork Extension Storage Rack Overall Size 40"x46"x54"
FE-5-108 Fork Extensions 108" Length
FE-6-108 Fork Extensions 108" Length
FE-4-47 Fork Extensions 48" Length
FE-5-48 Fork Extensions 48" Length
FE-6-48 Fork Extensions 48" Length
FE-4-54 Fork Extensions 54" Length
FE-5-54 Fork Extensions 54" Length
FE-6-54 Fork Extensions 54" Length
FE-4-63 Fork Extensions 63" Length
FE-5-63 Fork Extensions 63" Length
FE-6-63 Fork Extensions 63" Length
FE-4-72 Fork Extensions 72" Length
FE-5-72 Fork Extensions 72" Length
FE-6-72 Fork Extensions 72" Length
FE-4-84 Fork Extensions 84" Length
FE-5-84 Fork Extensions 84" Length
FE-6-84 Fork Extensions 84" Length
FE-4-90 Fork Extensions 90" Length
FE-5-90 Fork Extensions 90" Length
FE-6-90 Fork Extensions 90" Length
FE-4-96 Fork Extensions 96" Length
FE-5-96 Fork Extensions 96" Length
FE-6-96 Fork Extensions 96" Length
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Specifications :
  • Retained capacities are not availabe. Please advise your forklift deal for capacities when extensions are installed.

  • Please see description of nominclature above to determine which extesions are right for your application.

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